The Implementation of Scenographic Elements and their Connotations on the Stagecraft of Educational Curricula: Using Mathematical material as a Model

1.Sami Ali Hussein, 2.Israa Hussein

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The research discusses the connotations of scenographic elements in incarnating and converting the educational curriculum of intermediate school students. These elements can be explained in the educational elements via enhancing the theatrical dialogue visually as product of investing the enormous capabilities of scenographic elements aesthetically and functionally. These elements bear aesthetic and functional connotations which can be employed in specialized theatrical show using educational materials, that is what is called (the stage craft of curriculum). The concept of scenography and the mechanism of its active elements within the structure of integrated stage is the most important instruments that the producer of the theatrical show utilizes to achieve the objectives of the theatrical work in manufacturing the pedagogical theater for the sake of the benefit of students. On light of what is mentioned, the research consists of four sections. The first section gives an insight about the methodological part of the study. It elaborates the problem of research which states that what the scenographic elements can achieve in converting educational curriculum and explain that on stage. The paper discusses the significance, limitation and objectives of the study. It also gives definitions to the important terms relating to the concept of scenography. The second section is a theoretical part of the study which explicates the meaning of scenography and its historical and contemporary importance for the theatrical show and link it with the composed elements and the mechanism of its functionality. The third section is the discussion and the findings of the study in which the research uses a play called (The Family of engineering) as sample. The play is analyzed due to analytical and descriptive system to show the functionality of scenographic elements and their connotations in converting and explicating the educational curriculum via the mechanism of curriculum stagecraft. The fourth section is the conclusion which encapsulates group of results. One of the is that the educational theater has the capability to fulfill pedagogical function aesthetically in the stagecraft of educational curriculum. Keywords: Educational Curriculua, Scenographic, Mathematical material, Stagecraft , art

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