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This is the Bright Link Research Index privacy disclaimer.

We will only use the personal information collected on this website in accordance with this policy. Below you'll find details on how we use your personal data, what reasons it's used for, and what control and information rights you may have. We will only use the personal information collected on this website in accordance with this policy.

I. A brief overview of our processing activities:

Scholarly journals, books, news, and data are all published by us. Some of this content is available for free, while others are exclusively available to subscribers. The summary below provides a short overview of the data processing actions carried out on our website. More extensive information can be found in the parts listed below;

  1. Only limited personal data will be processed to provide you with the website itself if you visit our website for informative purposes without creating an account;
  2. If you register for one of our services or subscribe to our newsletters, we will collect additional personal data in order to provide you with those services;
  3. Your personal information will also be used to present you with appropriate advertising for our services and goods;
  4. Furthermore, we enhance your online experience by including third-party content.

II. Use of the website for informational purposes:

We may automatically gather additional information about you when you visit our website for informative purposes only, i.e. without registering for any of our supplied services and without giving us with personal data in any other manner, such as:

Here are several examples:

- your Internet Protocol (IP) address;

- the kind, name, and IDs of your devices;

- the nature of your inquiries;

- information about the browser you're using;

- details about your operating system, including language preferences.

We only use your information to help us provide a better service.

III. Your rights:

You may be able to practice some or all of the following rights under the laws that apply to you:

  1. i. Request that your personal data be corrected, removed, or restricted;
  2. ii. Take legal action if you believe your rights are being violated in the processing of your personal data;
  3. iii. Decline to submit your personal data at any moment and remove your agreement to its use;
  4. iv. Not to be subjected to any type of computer-assisted decision-making.

By contacting us using the contact information provided below, you can exercise the rights listed above, ask questions, and file complaints about our data processing.

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Please send us an email if you have any questions, complaints, or comments about our privacy policy, or if you have any requests for your personal data.

When you contact us, the information you submit will be used to address your request and then deleted after it is done.

We retain the right to make changes to this policy at any moment by amending our website. Please revisit the website on a frequent basis to review our current privacy policies.

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