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Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education with ISSN no. 15375137, 23263296 is bimonthly Scopus journal for publication of research papers related to planning, managment, GIS, geography, geology, geoinformatics, earth sciences, remote sensing, satellites, GPS, coodinate systems, urban planning, spatial studies, human settlements, and many more related subjects. Remote sensing is the art and science of making measurements of the earth using sensors on airplanes or satellites and geographic information system (GIS) is a computer-based tool for mapping and analyzing feature events on earth. It integrates common database operations, such as query and statistical analysis, with maps.

The open access Journal for Advancement of Marketing Education is a scientific journal that includes a wide range of fields in its discipline and reports the acquisition of information about an object or phenomenon without making physical contact with the object. It allows viewing and analyses multiple layers of spatially related information associated with a geographic region/location. It publishes all concerned research findings and discoveries pertaining to the ingredients and their mode of therapeutic nature to create a platform for the authors to make their contribution towards the journal.



233 No 1 (2222)

Dr. Mustafa Aloqaili Representative in Middle East Tel No:00966582004922

Published: Oct-23-2222


146 No 1 (2020)

The study aims to identify the nature of the relationship between the empowerment of doctors and the quality of service in health organizations, on the basis that the empowerment of doctors is one of the engines influencing the quality of the health service, which is based on the principle of the optimal use of resources and efficiency that doctors and their skills should be utilized and not wasted, and the problem of the study pointed to the lack of interest in the changes studied in the field of application, so the study tried to achieve a set of goals advanced by the diagnosis of the realit

Published: Sep-27-2020


140 No 1 (2020)

The aim of the study was to reveal the system of competencies for good parenting in the Islamic educational perception, and to achieve this; the two researchers used the descriptive and analytical approach. The most important findings of what the study has reached are that the competencies of good parenting are: The group of parental abilities and skills that enables a parent to prepare his children according to the approach of God Almighty. These competencies include what is related to the religious field represented by sensing the responsibility of raising children, and what is rela

Published: Sep-21-2020


124 No 1 (2020)

The phenomenon of unemployment of various kinds is one of the most important problems that have suffered and still suffer from the Iraqi economy, and this phenomenon existed before the US occupation of Iraq in 2003, but worsened and increased rates after 2003, up to 16% in 2014, because of the solution of many institutions Civil and military, which provided employment opportunities for thousands of citizens of different professions and specialties, and successive Iraqi governments sought after 2003 to address this phenomenon or reduce it through seeking to create employment opportunities in va

Published: Sep-15-2020


118 No 1 (2020)

One of the skills deemed important in the academic programs of any teaching institute is the skill to give oral presentations. Since each teaching institutions has their main language of teaching from English, French, German just to mention but a few, all the students in the institution have an obligation to learn and use the dialect as their second or third language. Public speaking anxiety, as a part of social tension, while not constituting a social anxiety disorder (S.A.D.) is far spread in the within the general public. This paper considers the unspoken value issue of presentation stress

Published: Sep-10-2020

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