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233 No 1 (2222)

Abstract The current study proposes three electrodechannels with time delay of artificial nerve signals generator utilized with only a active low pass filter and a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). The XC3S100E FPGA board adopted to design a novel and real-time artificial transmembrane action potential (TMAP). The implementation of one bit Sigma Delta Modulation (SDM) method with linearised technique could not produce with other technologies option currently available such as a microcontroller. This technique could employ in many biomedical applications and testing efficiently,

Published: Aug-22-2222


232 No 1 (2222)

Abstract In December 2019, a number of acute atypical respiratory ailment cases were recorded in Wuhan, China. This swiftly swept throughout China from Wuhan. It wasn't long before a novel coronavirus was identified as the culprit. Among the types of machine learning is deep learning, where the model classifies images without teaching it how to do so. The majority of COVID-19 symptoms include indicators of respiratory infections and lung abnormalities that radiologists may identify. As a result, Deep Learning algorithms may be used to diagnose illness from pictures of the CT scan and the

Published: Aug-22-2222


230 No 1 (2222)

Abstract Copper oxide nanoparticles (CuO NPs) were synthesised using a reduction agent from aqueous pear extract (Pyrus communis L.) CuO NPs were investigated by transmission electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, and X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis. The XRD pattern of CuO NPS exhibited a facecentred cubic structure. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy exhibited a stretching vibration of CuO at 408.91 cm–1 . The bactericidal activity of CuO NPs showed significant inhibitory activity against pathogenic bacterial strains, which were investigated against the Gr

Published: Aug-22-2222


229 No 1 (2222)

Abstract This study explored the sources of stress and its relationship with anxiety about the future among 12th grade students in Jordan during the curfew period in the light of the Coronavirus crisis. To meet the study’s goals, a sample was chosen from the schools located in Salt, Tafileh, Irbid, Amman and Karak. It consists from 243 female and male students (i.e. 98 females and 145 males). The researcher of the present study developed a scale for measuring stress. The latter scale consists from 34 items. The researcher of the present study developed a scale for measuring anxiety ab

Published: Aug-20-2222


227 No 1 (2222)

Abstract The current study aimed to investigate the effect of a supervisory program based on the skill development model to develop personal interview techniques for a sample of family reform counselors in Jordan. initial survey sample of (45) family counselors was selected from family reform centers. To answer first question in study, counselors were chosen and divided equally two experimental groups, counselors to whom the supervisory program was applied and a control group of ten counselors to whom no supervisory program was applied. the members of Clinical Psychology Review Volume

Published: Aug-19-2222


225 No 1 (2222)

Abstract : Staphylococcus aureus is one member of a family contains more than twenty different species ; it knowns by causing a significant diseases for human being , such as food poisoning as well as toxic shock syndrome. This bacteria has highly pathogenic virulence and potential , and equipped by mechanisms of pathogenicity that lead to damaging the tissues of the host and facilitate the colonization . In this study we aimed to investigate and screen the presence of enterotoxin-encoding genes among the isolates of Staphylococci isolated from different clinical sites . Twenty isolates

Published: Aug-19-2222


223 No 1 (2222)

ABSTRACT Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that is characterized with unprovoked seizures. It can affect anyone of any age and this interferes with the patient’s daily routine, rendering them unable to lead happy and normal lives. There has been much research and studies done on this topic to detect it before its onset, like watching for the symptoms, which vary from person to person or the symptoms are not visible at all. The aforementioned method was time consuming and not always correct in calling out a seizure onset. Thus, there was a need for an automated method to accura

Published: Aug-19-2222


222 No 1 (2222)

Abstract Epilepsy is a brain disorder that results in seizures; in general seizure is a suddenly occurring uncontrollable electrical disturbance in the brain. These disturbances in the brain can lead to changes in behaviour, feelings, movements, etc. It is highly essential for the patients suffering with epilepsy to be diagnosed and treated. The normal detection of epilepsy is done using EEG signals which are time consuming. This paper aims at proposing a methodology to diagnose epilepsy by the use of EEG signals by establishing a correlation between statistical calculations and EEG signals.

Published: Aug-19-2222


220 No 1 (2222)

Abstract— The Internet of Things (IoT) has an extensive range of applications, namely in the healthcare field. Its renovation is reforming the existing healthcare, with stimulating economic, technological, and social consequences. The augmentation of the cardiac patients' numbers with restricted totals of caregivers, which is a challenge as each caregiver ought to be careful of several patients, thereby representing a stress for caregivers and undergoing for the patients. Therefore, this study examines the state-of-the-art (network architectures/platforms, functions, and industry

Published: Aug-18-2222


219 No 1 (2222)

Abstract : In this paper, we reported on the effect of a polyethylene glycol-block-polypropylene glycol-block- polyethylene glycol (EO-PPO-EO) triblock copolymer (TBCP) on phase separation, mechanical properties of Epoxy based on bisphenol F-(epichlorohydrin) and hardener(1-methylethyl-1,1'-biphenyl) (izoforon diamine) system. In this work TBCP content used at 3%,6%,9%and 12%wt for epoxy matrix. The optimal TBCP concentration was discovered to be 3%wt in order to produce a good balance of mechanical characteristics. Also The comparative study of morphology and mechanical properties of two sy

Published: Aug-18-2222


208 No 1 (2121)

During Tsarism period The Chavcahavadze Estate in Tsinandali stood for the center of cultural life. The Chavchavadze house in Tbilisi and Tsinandali became the cultural center of aristocratic society and very often it became the place of meetings of historical importance. If during Garsevani’s life Tsinandali Estate was visited by guests of aristocratic and diplomatic mission, during Aleksander’s life the appearance of creative people, writers and public figures made this place more interesting. Among respected guests there were Georgians and foreigners as well : Al. Dumas the elder, Ma

Published: Feb-15-2121


197 No 1 (2020)

- The achievement of strategic implementation of municipalities in Thailand is affected by many factors including management innovation. The objectives of this study are; first, is to examine the degree of management innovation; second, is to examine the degree of the achievement of strategic implementation, and; third, is to investigate the impact of management innovation on the achievement of strategic implementation. The target of this is the municipalities in Trang Province, Thailand. The total sample is 200 of administrative officials who were working in municipalities in Trang Province.

Published: Dec-17-2020


181 No 1 (2020)

Economic transition in previously closed economic imposes on their local firms to form IJVs to acquire their valuable knowledge and skills to meet the market’s needs. To understand what are the potential factors that may affect the IJV’s knowledge. This paper aims to examine transfer mechanisms and knowledge management practices as determinants to IJV’s knowledge acquisition, which in turn leads to better IJV’s innovativeness. With a sample of 122 oil and gas IJVs in Algeria and through analyzing the data via PLS-SEM 3.0, the results revealed that while transfer mechanisms have a signi

Published: Nov-03-2020


180 No 1 (2020)

The Covid-19 pandemic crisis has exposed significant imbalance conditions that make the world suffers tragically. The Corona epidemic crisis has led the world to great suffering and losses not only in terms of human health and safety but also in economic, financial, and social terms because these difficult conditions entered the world in a turbulent state. Full of great challenges that were not known or faced previously, because this puts everyone in an unprecedented state of anxiety in the face of a rapidly spreading and deadly epidemic without a vaccine or medical treatment and the usual met

Published: Nov-01-2020


164 No 1 (2020)

Spirituality in the article is presented as the highest life-affirming value and ontological basis of human existence. The idea is grounded that the process of increasing spirituality in a person is not automatic, independent of the will and desire of the subject. On the contrary, it presupposes certain efforts and "inner feat" on the path of spiritual development and creative cultivation of a person's spiritual states. It is concluded that spirituality is a special process, which is basically not separated from human existence and takes place in conditions of reality. Spirituality contains ex

Published: Oct-19-2020


162 No 1 (2020)

The objective of CBIR is to retrieve relevant medical images from the medical database with reference to the query image in a shorter span of time. All the proposed approaches are different, yet the research goal is to attain better accuracy in a reasonable amount of time. The initial phase of this research presents a feature selection technique that aims to improvise the medical image diagnosis by selecting prominent features. The second phase of the research extracts features and the association rules are formed by the proposed Classification Based on Highly Strong Association Rules (CHiSAR)

Published: Oct-13-2020


122 No 1 (2020)

Class Participation Class participation is an important aspect of student learning. When students speak up, they learn to express their ideas in ways others can understand. Main Issue Students speaking up in class is a struggle for many of them. That struggle reflect in the classroom in a variety of ways , like not asking for help, not volunteering to answer questions, not speaking up in small-group activities, even not talking in class at all. Problem statement Students not actively involved in class participation.

Published: Sep-13-2020


120 No 1 (2020)

Nowadays, it becomes very important to use technology in different educational fields as they have the potential to enhance the learning process and makes it more organized with les time and effort. ''Technologies are described as essential tools in the educational system to improve teaching in different areas'' ( Sandholtz, 1997, p. 5). Technology meets the need of students with different abilities and facilities. Students with special needs need to have special educational support to help them learn smoothly. In fact, many schools, institutions and universities have started to integrate tech

Published: Sep-12-2020

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