Remote Working and Employee Productivity

1. Saeed Hameed Aldulaimi,2. Marwan Mohamed Abdeldayem

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The Covid-19 pandemic crisis has exposed significant imbalance conditions that make the world suffers tragically. The Corona epidemic crisis has led the world to great suffering and losses not only in terms of human health and safety but also in economic, financial, and social terms because these difficult conditions entered the world in a turbulent state. Full of great challenges that were not known or faced previously, because this puts everyone in an unprecedented state of anxiety in the face of a rapidly spreading and deadly epidemic without a vaccine or medical treatment and the usual methods, but the focus is usually on isolation and social separation to prevent infection with the virus until it is found. As a result, these difficult conditions, which required the imposition of social separation, had a major impact on the practice of normal life, including going to work and working in the usual workplace. The study here aimed to know the effect of working from home on employee productivity. To achieve the objectives of the study, the survey was used as a primary tool in data collection. The survey was distributed among the sample members (117) employees and employees of the Electricity and Water Authority in the Kingdom of Bahrain working from outside the authority’s offices. The findings of this study revealed that those who work remotely (home) are productive to reach their work target and goals. The study made some important recommendations like there should be intensive training for employees remotely (at home) to ensure the quality of their work and their knowledge of new methods and modern work styles to make themselves more productive.

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