The use of databases by the faculty members at universities in northern Jordan August / 2020 AD

Dr. Nabil Falih Qabalan Al-Huniti, Dr. Jyana Qassem Salem Khazaleh

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The study dealt with the reality of the use of faculty members in Jordanian public uni-versities in the northern governorates of the databases available in university libraries and the difficulties they face from their point of view. The problem of the study represented in recog-nizing the extent of faculty members using to the electronic databases appropriately represent one of the information resource services provided by libraries and information centers for re-searchers, where its success is measured by the extent to which researchers use databases and their ability to meet their needs from various and modern information sources. The study aimed at recognizing their using of these data and at showing the reality of the libraries of the univer-sities of the North in Jordan. The results of the study confirmed that the use of these databases was moderate and attributed to several reasons, including the lack of knowledge of these data-bases and the lack of facilities that facilitate the search process, in addition to the difficulties that the faculty member finds in retrieving information such as using the computer and the availability of the Internet in a good and permanent way. The study also recommended with spreading awareness among faculty members in the process of using and with benefiting from the global databases. The study also recommended providing databases and subscribing to them, especially since there are databases that may be specialized and rich in a specific special-ization. Also, the study recommended with activating the role of library in saving facilities and reducing difficulties and identifying these databases and the ongoing briefing of all that is new.

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