The Influence of The Intergrated Thematic Learning Model of High Order Thingking Skills (HOTS) and Personality Types on Basic Student Learning Outcomes

Mardhatillah 1, Khairil Ansari 2, Abdurahman Adisaputera2, Edy Surya2, Bornok Sinaga2, Dian Armanto

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This study aims to analyze the impact of learning models and personality types on the study's performance. All fourth-grade students of the Samadua Public Elementary School had a study sample of 57 people composed of 30 individuals taught by the play learning model at Sd Negeri Kasik Putih. The role and 27 SD Negeri Air Sialang IV classes are taught using a thematic learning model integrated with HOTS. The research approach was an almost experimental one with a factorial configuration of 2 x 2. Data were presented using descriptive statistics followed by inferential statistics using bidirectional ANOVA with significant ? = 0.05, accompanied by the Scheffe test. Previous experiments in the form of test review normality and homogeneity.hasil test study demonstrate: (1) the learning results of students trained to play a role model of learning are higher than the learning result of students taught through a thematically integrated model HOTS. Keywords– HOTS, thematic learning model, personality types

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