Contributing Factors of Student’s Financial Literacy in a State University in Eastern Philippines

Dr. Allan A. Lalosa

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This research aimed at determining the level and contributing factors of the financial concepts of the students in one of the State University of Eastern Philippines. It used a descriptive – correlation method of research. The data were gathered and analyzed through a survey questionnaire distributed to 228 respondents. It was found out that most of the respondents possess inadequate knowledge in terms of financial literacy even on the practical level of application for their day-to-day activities. The study also revealed that the respondents tend to be academically prepared but received lesser guidance in terms of financial literacy. The result showed that parental guidance has a very strong influence on financial literacy. This is followed by academic ability as it also influences the respondents' financial literacy level. Lastly, the degree program is considered a contributing factor as well. Keywords: Academic ability, Degree program, Parental guidance

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