Determinant Factors and International Joint Ventures’ Innovativeness Outcome of IJV Knowledge Acquisition: Facts from Algeria

1.Tamma Elhachemi ,2.Oussama Saoula

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Economic transition in previously closed economic imposes on their local firms to form IJVs to acquire their valuable knowledge and skills to meet the market’s needs. To understand what are the potential factors that may affect the IJV’s knowledge. This paper aims to examine transfer mechanisms and knowledge management practices as determinants to IJV’s knowledge acquisition, which in turn leads to better IJV’s innovativeness. With a sample of 122 oil and gas IJVs in Algeria and through analyzing the data via PLS-SEM 3.0, the results revealed that while transfer mechanisms have a significant relationship with IJV’s knowledge acquisition. However, knowledge management practices have an insignificant relationship with IJV’s knowledge acquisition. Besides, IJV’s knowledge acquisition was positively linked to IJV’s innovativeness. Keywords: knowledge acquisition, knowledge management practices, transfer mechanisms, innovativeness, international joint venture, Algeria.

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