The Mediating Role of Product Innovation in Market Orientation Effect on Marketing Performance

Ari Tristianto1, Mahrinasari MS2, Dorothy Rouly H. Pandjaitan3

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This research aims to analyze the effect of market orientation on company marketing performance, mediated by product innovation. 126 questionnaires were distributed to the owners and managers of the Indonesian Gojek partners of the coffee shop who has the capability as a decision-maker. 115 usable data were analyzed by using Structural Equation Modeling analysis, with Amos application version 24.0. The results show that market orientation had a positive significant effect on product innovation. Product innovation plays a mediating role in the Market Orientation effect on Marketing Performance. It means that the higher the product innovation, the higher the marketing performance will be. This research has a managerial implication that the coffee shop managers can improve marketing performance through developing product innovation by especially in terms of the various taste and services of design interiors of coffee shops. Keywords: market orientation, product innovation, and marketing performance

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