Mortgage and its impact on civil liability provisions

Abdallah Imhammad Al Tarawneh

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Insurable mortgage is considered a legal means of security means that aim at conserving rights of the mortgaged creditor toward the debtor, where the creditor, in accordance with him, has the right to precede all creditors on carrying out the mortgaged money if the debtor optional-ly did not commence carrying out the original commitment at the advent of the appointed time. Inspite of the significance of this means, but the danger of the mortgaged creditor unful-fillment of his rights remains valid if the soul of security annihilated or decreased his value and depriving him from seeking the verdicts of the civil responsibility, the thing that urges the Jor-danian legislator to employ the necessity of stabilizing the principle of credit in insurance in the civil commitments as an additional guarantee of the mortgaged creditor and protection of the debtor from danger of bankruptcy.

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