The Application of Balanced Scorecard in Higher Educational Institutions: A Critical Review

Dr.Tajnuva Chowdhury Nabila,Dr. Abedalqader Rababah,3- Dr. Mahmoud Nassar

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This paper aims to contribute to the application of Balanced Scorecard for a university which presents as a strategic framework for measuring the university’s institutional performance. Over the years changes in the organizational structure of educational institutions has obligated them to adopt various approaches to improve their performance. And thus, this paper aims to introduce a Balanced Scorecard approach for a university, where an integrated performance evaluation system is applied to business management of the institution. This integrated system employs a strategy map from Balanced Scorecard which defines the financial targets, customer needs, internal processes and opportunities for improvement. The system will take into account the tool to map the institution’s processes, activities and performances in order to achieve the strategic goals and objectives of a university. A preliminary framework is presented here, which was explored and built using the performance based management concept of Balanced Scorecard to focus on key performance metrics. BSC as a strategic management tool has the ability to eliminate limitations that emerge with the implementation of traditional performance measures when evaluating the current status of an educational institution and as well as aids stakeholders in verifying and evaluating business and resource performance.

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