Parents competencies valid in the Islamic educational perception

Dr.Haifah Fayyadh Fawaris,Dr.Asma Khalifa Alshabool

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The aim of the study was to reveal the system of competencies for good parenting in the Islamic educational perception, and to achieve this; the two researchers used the descriptive and analytical approach. The most important findings of what the study has reached are that the competencies of good parenting are: The group of parental abilities and skills that enables a parent to prepare his children according to the approach of God Almighty. These competencies include what is related to the religious field represented by sensing the responsibility of raising children, and what is related to the ethical field that is based on possessing moral qualities that children cannot be properly raised without them such as patience and mercy, and some of them are related to the specialized educational field in which the father should have the power of personality and the necessary educational knowledge such as the knowledge of the characteristics and requirements of children's development, and knowledge of parenting strategies and methods. One of the most important recommendations of the study is the necessity to include the competencies that resulted from the study in training programs through training workshops and practical courses that help parents in dealing well with their children and educating them in an Islamic way.

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