Female students are more likely to get higher grades than male students


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Education is an essential requirement and it must be fulfilled for every individual. The requirement has been declared as the basic human rights along with the food and shelter by the United Nation Organization as well. Apart from that, the education reflects the personality of a person, so as the grades as well. The grades mirror the person’s behavior and its attitude towards its academics irrespective of whatever educational background the person possesses. People say that girls are always smarter than boys. Therefore, in this research paper I'm going to prove that female students do tend to get higher grades than male students do. Female students tend to care more about studies and they work harder than male students do. Boys are more interested in technology than girls since they are always on the computers exploring and video gaming and they rely on technology more than girls do. There definitely are solutions that could make both genders on the same academic level such as including more technology in studying and including more practical work in academics.

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