The Use of Frayer Model as Graphic Organizer in Science: Its Effects on the Academic Performance of College Students

Ernie C. Avila

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Frayer Model is a Graphic Organizer commonly used in teaching mathematics, social sciences, and language subjects but has never been tried in Science. The study aimed to determine the effects of the utilization of Frayer model as Graphic Organizer in the Academic Performance of First Year Bachelor of Science in Business Administration-Human Resource Management and Bachelor of Elementary Education students in Science, Technology and Society subject during the First Semester, 2018-2019. The study employed quasi-experimental research design. Data used in this study came from BSBA and BEED students (n=34 both experimental and control group) of Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Ragay, Camarines Sur Branch. A self-made test-paper was utilized; the statistical tools includes z-test for dependent and independent populations. The study revealed that the Frayer Model as Graphic Organizer highly significant improved the performance of the experimental group; and their performance highly differed with the control group . With such, it is recommended that science, technology and society teachers are advised to utilize the the Frayer Model as Graphic Organizer in science to improve the comprehension, and retention of college students on the said subject. Additional and complementary module utilizing the same organizer may be developed for other grade level sciences. Rubrics in assessing the student’s performance in science must be used to ensure the effectiveness of the strategy.

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