Technology Integration in English Teaching


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The purpose of the research is to study the significance and find out the role of technology in-tegration in making the learning process of English language .Past, literature supports the idea that use of technology makes the class more interactive and teachers perceive that use of tech-nology enhances the learning process. An important factor to motivate teachers to use more technology is to provide the teachers with resources, time and incentives. lack of any of the fac-tor would lead to poor results from integration. The research is based on quantitative data as well which is collected from online responses of a survey developed on Survey monkey .com . Total responses gathered are 35. The results could be inaccurate due to limitations of study. Re-sponses are gathered online, so the information provided might be wrong and manipulated to intensity of the question. The main findings of the research is that students become more inter-active in class due to quick response in terms of feedback and students support the idea of using technology to teach English language.

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