Stress in oral presentation among students

Dr. Mousa Khalil Abunawas , Radwan Saleh AlJbour

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One of the skills deemed important in the academic programs of any teaching institute is the skill to give oral presentations. Since each teaching institutions has their main language of teaching from English, French, German just to mention but a few, all the students in the institution have an obligation to learn and use the dialect as their second or third language. Public speaking anxiety, as a part of social tension, while not constituting a social anxiety disorder (S.A.D.) is far spread in the within the general public. This paper considers the unspoken value issue of presentation stress commonly experienced through oral presentation anxiety, its predominance, symptomology and potential ramifications for students in advanced education and what's to come in the future. A little pilot investigation was embraced as a preparatory stride to comprehend local conditions and open up a space for continuous and broad research in the global setting. The preliminary discoveries recommend the social anxiety and public speaking tension may affect adversely on student engagement with oral correspondence assessments and that further research is expected to grow better support and training. We recommend that to help students to move, accomplish, succeed and persist we have to hold fast to the idea of constructive arrangement that assesses individual skills and mitigates psychological pain.

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