Development of a Virtual Reality Program for Enhancing Executive Functions in the Elderly

Pattrawadee Makmee

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Abstract Virtual Reality (VR) program is popular intervention platform in neurocognitive rehabilitation. Executive Function (EF), the cognitive processes of inhibition, updating, and shifting, has a better benefit to prevent, delay, and support daily living of older adults than other cognitive interventions (Nguyen et al, 2019; Wollesen, et al., 2020). The objective of this research was to develop the virtual reality program by integrating Visuospatial Working Memory Theory and Visuomotor Adaptation Theory for enhancing executive function in older adults. The research used ADDIE model as the method for developing VR program with five steps such as analysis, design, development, implement, and evaluation. Afterward of developing, VR program resulted that from a pilot study and the consensus from the experts indicated that the developed program was very appropriate for use.

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