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Compost manure, farmyard manure and legumes as green manure are alternative sources of nitrogen fertilizer for wheat crop. The utilization of nitrogen by wheat fertilized with organic manure and ammonium sulfate was evaluated using the 15N tracer technique. Results revealed that, observed a clear increase in weight of wheat yield in fertilized at rate of 50% compost +50% nitrogen mineral fertilizer (50% CM + 50%MF) , The highest values of grains (3.472 ton ha-1) , straw (1.833 ton ha-1) and roots (0.510 ton ha-1 ) which were observed in plot received compost (CM) at rate of (50%CM+50%MF) ratio. Relatively increased by about 65.3%, 41.0% and 110.7% over treatment of (100% MF) as a control which recorded 2.100 ton ha-1, 1.300 ton ha-1 and 0.242 ton ha-1 with the same sequence, respectively. N uptake by grains (96.79 kg ha-1) and roots (8.21 kg ha-1) observed with rate of (50%CM+50%MF) ratio, while straw (49.48kg ha-1) recorded at rate of(50%GM+50%MF) ratio, relatively increased by about 24.0% for grains, 93.2% for straw and 42.1% for root over control (100%MF) respectively. %Ndff, the highest values 20.92 kg ha-1 (26.79%), 10.04 kg ha-1 (28.60%) and 1.081 kg ha-1 (25.47%) recorded in the plots received (100% MF) ratio for grains, straw and roots, respectively. the highest values N released from manure and utilized by grains, straw and roots were 75.55, 38.28 and 6.48 kg ha-1 recorded in plots received rate of (50%CM+50%MF), respectively. %FUE, the height percent was observed in the plot received rate of (50%CM + 50% MF) compared with the control.

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