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216 No 1 (2222)

Abstract Virtual Reality (VR) program is popular intervention platform in neurocognitive rehabilitation. Executive Function (EF), the cognitive processes of inhibition, updating, and shifting, has a better benefit to prevent, delay, and support daily living of older adults than other cognitive interventions (Nguyen et al, 2019; Wollesen, et al., 2020). The objective of this research was to develop the virtual reality program by integrating Visuospatial Working Memory Theory and Visuomotor Adaptation Theory for enhancing executive function in older adults. The research used ADDIE model as the

Published: Jan-24-2222


209 No 1 (2121)

Compost manure, farmyard manure and legumes as green manure are alternative sources of nitrogen fertilizer for wheat crop. The utilization of nitrogen by wheat fertilized with organic manure and ammonium sulfate was evaluated using the 15N tracer technique. Results revealed that, observed a clear increase in weight of wheat yield in fertilized at rate of 50% compost +50% nitrogen mineral fertilizer (50% CM + 50%MF) , The highest values of grains (3.472 ton ha-1) , straw (1.833 ton ha-1) and roots (0.510 ton ha-1 ) which were observed in plot received compost (CM) at rate of (50%CM+50%MF) rati

Published: Feb-25-2121


198 No 1 (2020)

This study aims to analyze the impact of learning models and personality types on the study's performance. All fourth-grade students of the Samadua Public Elementary School had a study sample of 57 people composed of 30 individuals taught by the play learning model at Sd Negeri Kasik Putih. The role and 27 SD Negeri Air Sialang IV classes are taught using a thematic learning model integrated with HOTS. The research approach was an almost experimental one with a factorial configuration of 2 x 2. Data were presented using descriptive statistics followed by inferential statistics using bidirecti

Published: Dec-17-2020


195 No 1 (2020)

The OECD defined corporate governance as, enforce laws, rules and standards that define the relationship between company management on the one hand, shareholders, stakeholders or parties associated with the company on the other, and urge financial institutions to adopt those laws and standards in their systems to ensure universal classification, such laws and standards are called corporate governance. Some countries have adopted such standards, which are based on integrity and transparency, such as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, but the apply these standards to protect the minority of share

Published: Dec-06-2020


194 No 1 (2020)

In Vietnam, Physical education is mostly still taught in a traditional model. Volleyball, as one of the most practiced sport in Physical Education classes. The study of this article was to exploration students’ difficulties in the practice of volleyball in school Physical Education (PE) classes, according to the tactical principles of the sport, and to compare them with teachers’ understanding of the discipline. This qualitative study was developed in two stages: a) observation of 14 hours/class PE volleyball classes in two different schools and field diary records of students’ difficu

Published: Dec-06-2020


187 No 1 (2020)

This research aimed at determining the level and contributing factors of the financial concepts of the students in one of the State University of Eastern Philippines. It used a descriptive – correlation method of research. The data were gathered and analyzed through a survey questionnaire distributed to 228 respondents. It was found out that most of the respondents possess inadequate knowledge in terms of financial literacy even on the practical level of application for their day-to-day activities. The study also revealed that the respondents tend to be academically prepared but received les

Published: Nov-20-2020


186 No 1 (2020)

The study was conducted to determine the level of social responsiveness of entrepreneurs in Borongan City. This study is a descriptive-correlational survey involving 250 respondents. The majority of the respondents are somewhat responsible in compliance with laws, projects undertaken, products offered to customers, and job creation. Regression analysis was used to establish the relationship between social responsiveness practices of merchandising and retailing business and profitability. It was found out that the best predictor for social responsiveness is a project undertaken, R2 = 0.396 wit

Published: Nov-20-2020


184 No 1 (2020)

The research discusses the connotations of scenographic elements in incarnating and converting the educational curriculum of intermediate school students. These elements can be explained in the educational elements via enhancing the theatrical dialogue visually as product of investing the enormous capabilities of scenographic elements aesthetically and functionally. These elements bear aesthetic and functional connotations which can be employed in specialized theatrical show using educational materials, that is what is called (the stage craft of curriculum). The concept of scenography and th

Published: Nov-10-2020


175 No 1 (2020)

For the last year, one of the most critical topics in many countries was the exchange rate. Daily news affecting economy may have some explanation power. However, if we look from a broad view there should be bigger and more general factors for exchange rate movements. These general factors can be listed as a differential in inflation rates and changing in interest rate. In addition, this study aims to estimate the impact of exchange rate system on the inflation, the data of Kuwait Central Bank has been used for the period of 1990-2019. In addition, OLS has been applied on the data. The relatio

Published: Oct-28-2020


173 No 1 (2020)

An analysis of the literature on the theory and methodology of physical education reveals that in the theory of sports (wrestling, etc.) and in separate articles, the authors have described explosive power as a physical quality. The manifestation of explosive force is the mechanism of its activation. As the burst time of the muscle decreases, the intensity of the bursting force increases. However, the intensity of the explosive force can also be increased by increasing the magnitude of the absolute force of the muscle. Summarizing the above points, it can be concluded that the study of the

Published: Oct-23-2020


168 No 1 (2020)

The article discusses the interaction of interactive web-quest methods and case studies in the training of students with hearing impairments from the Light Industry and Service College of the city of Shymkent and their practical implementation. The training process should develop new competencies, the ability to put forward alternative solutions, the creative thinking of a future specialist with hearing impairment. Interactive methods of network interaction and Internet resources are used for this. The purpose of the article is to theoretically substantiate and demonstrate the practical implem

Published: Oct-21-2020


163 No 1 (2020)

This research aims to analyze the effect of market orientation on company marketing performance, mediated by product innovation. 126 questionnaires were distributed to the owners and managers of the Indonesian Gojek partners of the coffee shop who has the capability as a decision-maker. 115 usable data were analyzed by using Structural Equation Modeling analysis, with Amos application version 24.0. The results show that market orientation had a positive significant effect on product innovation. Product innovation plays a mediating role in the Market Orientation effect on Marketing Performance.

Published: Oct-15-2020


157 No 1 (2020)

Sakardeva with disciples started a ‘renaissance’ in Assam by establishing Namghar, Satra in the medieval period. Even nowadays, people have revere and devotion to them. These institutions changed the spiritual and moral outlook of the people of Assam as well as prepared the ground for the establishment of a new society. Madhupur Satra situated in Koch Bihar is still a place of honor for each and every Assamese. The condition of Madhupur Satra is now dilapidated. Fascinated by the ideology of Sankardeva, Koch king Naranarayana donated 700 bighas of land to the Satra. But a huge part of the

Published: Oct-06-2020

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